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Pavone Advertising Supplies Inc. is a professional manufacturer of high quality custom printed exhibition display products and custom printed or woven labels. For over ten years of  working experience with a wide range of clients in many market categories including automotive industry, sports industry, consumer products, tournament sponsors, technology companies and of course apparel industry, Pavone Advertising Supplies Inc. has been one of the most reputable and reliable suppliers in advertising custom printing industry.

The land area of our factory is 5.2 acres located in Shanghai, the most advanced city in China. Convenient transportation system of Shanghai allow us to easily and efficiently deliver our products to customers by air/sea freight or express services such as Fedex, UPS and DHL.

Whether you are looking for custom printed backdrop display, custom printed flags, table covers, or any kind of banners and even canopies with custom graphics, Pavone has you covered! Our selection of displays range in style and size to help you find the ideal advertising display products that fits your marketing space and allotted budget. With our advertising printing products, promoting your business or products is both easy and convenient, we are fully aware of what is expected to accurately exhibit noticeable displays to build your brand, and rich experiences allow us to provide proper suggestions of product choosing and solutions for particular requests.

For our custom printed label and hand tag products, we provide a wide selection of garment labels from main label, care label, content label to flag label made by various manufacturing techniques. We have build long-term cooperative relationships with some of the world class brands, please check out our garment label product catalog for more information.

About Pavone advertising supplies

You can simply find the products you need through our product catalog on the top menu or send us an Email to tell us more about your demand, we will respond within one business day.