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custom fence banner for NBAAdvertising banners are the commonest products we use to promote our business, because they are affordable, practical and can be fully customized. They can be used indoors and outdoors, from small banners hanging in our garden or living room for a small party, to big banners we use in shopping malls and exhibit halls, and even larger banners such as billboard banners beside highways and those huge banners with players’ photographs on them which can cover a whole building during the Super Bowl.

Generally, advertising banner can be divided into four types based on the material they are made of, including Fabric banners, Vinyl banners, Mesh banner (can be polyester mesh or vinyl mesh) and vinyl billboard banners. Each type of advertising banner is used in different instances and different environments.

material of custom bannersFor Fabric banners, the most used fabric is polyester fabric, we use polyester fabric from weight of 85g/m2 (3 oz.) to 250g/m2 (8.8 oz.). Fabric banners are intended for indoor use, but if you only want to use the banner for a short term, you can also use them outdoors. Fabric banners are printed in full color using a dye-sublimation printing technique, they have a higher quality look and feel and normal vinyl banners. Vinyl banners are intended for both indoor and outdoor use, custom images can be printed on 260g/m2 (9.2 oz.) to 650g/m2 (23 oz.) Vinyl material.

Advertising outdoors can be challenging especially in windy conditions. Mesh banners are a great solution for windy locations, mesh material (polyester mesh or vinyl mesh) has holes that allow wind to blow through. These Criss-cross fibers allow the viewer to see through the banners. This makes mesh banners ideal for use on sports fences, schools and construction fences.

Most of our advertising banners can be printed both single sided and double sided, see-through fabric and mesh material are for single side printing in most case. Our main printing techniques are dye-sublimation printing, UV printing, digital printing, screen printing and inkjet printing for different material and different product, the printing techniques we use to print will prevent the actual printing from fading or being rubbed off over time.

Advertising banners can be vertical or horizontal, we use hems and grommets for reinforcement and easy installation, and we also offer our fabric banners and vinyl banners with pole pockets in the top or bottom of the banners. There is no standard size for our banners, but there are some popular sizes such as 2’x3’, 2’x4’, 3’x6’, 4’x6’, 4’x8’, 5’x8’, 6’x10’ and so forth.custom advertising banners finishes

As a printing expert, Pavone has more than ten year of experience in manufacturing custom advertising banners, so you can simply tell us how and where you want to use the banners, we can always give you the best suggestions and the best quality banners.

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