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Pavone Advertising Supplies Inc. is a custom printing expert and a professional manufacturer of high quality custom printed advertising display products and custom printed or woven labels. With over ten years of  working experience with a wide range of clients in many market categories including automotive industry, sports industry, consumer products, tournament sponsors, technology companies and of course apparel industry, Pavone Advertising Supplies Inc. has been one of the most reputable and reliable suppliers in advertising custom printing industry.

Our main products are mainly in two catalogues, custom printed advertising display products and garment labels & hand tags.

For custom printed advertising display products, we can offer custom printed advertising flags, custom printed advertising banners, custom printed pop-up / roll-up banners and custom printed table throws. With our advertising printing products, promoting your business or products is both easy and convenient, we are fully aware of what is expected to accurately exhibit noticeable displays to build your brand, and rich experiences allow us to provide proper suggestions of product choosing and solutions for particular requests.

For printed and woven labels and hand tags, we provide a wide selection of garment labels from main label, care label, content label to flag label made by various manufacturing techniques. 

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Custom Flags

Custom Banners

Table Covers

Custom Labels

Custom full-color printed flags include teardrop flags, feather flags, rectangular flags, backpack flags and other mini flags such as table flags, car flags, garden flags and bunting flags. Most of them are made of high quality polyester fabric, it is a very popular way to promote our products and business in trade shows, exhibitions or events both indoors and outdoors.

Custom printed banners are mostly made of polyester fabric or Vinyl material. There are many types of banners we can offer, such as mesh banners, pop-up backdrop banners, roll-up banners, X-banners, hanging banners and so forth. They can easily draw the attention to your organization or business that you deserve in a trade show, in-store promotion or any special event.
Custom printed table covers make your booth more professional, we offer three types of table covers: standard, fitted and stretch table covers, they can fit standard table size 4', 6', 8' and custom sizes are available. Our table covers are mostly made of high quality polyester fabric, other fabrics are also available for lower cost or challenging environments.
We have been supplying elegant custom labels and tags since 2006, main products are printed labels, woven labels, printed hand tags and embroidered patches. Our label products are not only used in garment industry, but also home textile industry, luggage and bag industry, toy industry, furniture industry, promotional product industry and so forth.

We benefit from our insistence on quality, it helps us to earn trust and reputation from our customers and market, and we understand that quality is critical to satisfying our customers so they continue to purchase from us in the future. And we can offer very competitive prices and fast delivery at the same time. We have created a huge client base all over the world, includes USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Australia, Canada, India, Brazil, France and more. We would like to establish good relationship with more business friends from all over the world, we are glad if you do not hesitate to send us your inquiries and we will always provide quality products and satisfactory services to you.