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Pavone is a professional manufacturer of apparel labels, we have been supplying high quality custom woven labels to our customers from all over the world for more than ten years.  Our factory is located in Shanghai, and our equipment includes broad looms, needle looms, single and double shuttle looms (click to see our shuttle woven label samples) to make the best possible woven labels.

Our woven labels are not only used as clothing labels, but also home textile labels, luggage and bag labels, plush toy labels, furniture labels, promotional item labels and so forth.





There are mainly three basic fabrics offered in woven labels: Damask, Taffeta, and Satin. The most popular type of woven labels is damask woven label, it ensures a very high quality label because damask is a very tight weave. Customers prefer damask woven labels because by using the damask weave the labels will be very dense and soft. The tightly woven denier polyester threads will also ensure better details in your logo. There are two types of damask woven labels, they are 100 denier damask woven label and 50 denier damask woven label. 50 denier damask woven label has the higher density, so it offers greater details and softer touch than 100 denier damask woven label.




For woven apparel labels, you can use up to 12 colors (4 colors for shuttle loom woven label), however, please note that the increase in color adds to the cost and weight of the label.