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Here are some photos of Pop-up backdrop banners we made for our clients.

pop-up-banner-samples-1  pop-up-banner-samples-2

pop-up-banner-samples-3  pop-up-banner-samples-4

pop-up-banner-samples-5  pop-up-banner-samples-6

pop-up-banner-samples-7  pop-up-banner-samples-8


There are various options for Pop-up backdrop banner, it can be flat or curved, the material of the banner can be polyester, tension fabric or vinyl, standard carry bag is a padded Nylon carry bag, trolley cases are also available upon request. We inspect every set of pop-up banner before shipment to make sure our customers can always receive perfect products.

Backdrop banners is a high cost-effective invest to promote your business, because additional fabrics can be purchased to enable the frame to be used for more than one event, purchase a poster replacement to update your graphics or have an alternate set to keep your printed message relevant to each event you attend or marketing campaign you initiate for your business.

Please feel free to contact us via for your own customized pop-up backdrop banner.