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Feather flag (also known as feather flying banner or Windchaser flags in some countries) is the most typical beach flag on the market, it is a widely used advertising display flag for promoting business, products, events, sponsors, exhibitions and so forth, you can always see this kind of flags outside shopping malls, big retail stores, exhibit halls and stadiums.

A full set of feather flag we offer includes a full color printed flag with custom images of your request; a set of flag pole made of fiberglass which is shining black and has high tenacity, or a combination of aluminum and fiberglass which is lightweight, portable and cheaper; a very sturdy pole base and a carrying bag which you can put all the accessories in it neatly. Of course you can order only flags without poles and bases, in case you bought our full set products before and only want to change the flags.

Our feather flags comes in 4 different styles (they are straight feather flag, angled feather flag, concave feather flag and convex feather flag sorted by the shape.) and 6 standard sizes for each style, they can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Your custom images can be printed on single side or on both side, we use double see through fabric or polyester mesh material for single sided printing, and high quality polyester fabric (standard 110 g/m2, 4 oz.) for double sided printing.

A sample: Custom printed concave feather flags with Luxury cross base.


There are mainly 4 types of pole base available for flags in different sizes, different applications and environments of use, including spike or screw base, cross or plate base w/wo water bag, wall mount base which can be fixed on a wall, and U-shape car base.


In the dimensions table below you can find an overview of standard sizes of our feather flags or contact us if you need custom sizes.

* The height of pole base is not included in the TOTAL HEIGHT.

Please feel free to contact us via sales@pavone.com.cn for your own custom printed feather flags.