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die-cut-swing-tagsCustom hand tags (also known as swing tags or hang tags) are a communication channel between designers or brands and potential customers, it is the best and the most affordable way to remind your customers of your professional talent. A creative custom designed hand tag with your brand logo on them and messages showing your design concept, which provide the professional branding image that your business deserves, and they also add extra value to your products by strongly identifying your brand.

Hand tags are highly customizable, you can choose different material from our large selection of hand tag materials to get the result of your design, the material can be paper, fabric, plastic, rubber, even metal. Various printing techniques and surface treatments provide stunning finishing look to showcase the quality of your products and brands. And this is the best part about personalized clothing tags from Pavone, with different material and printing techniques, the hand tags can always match whatever design sense you bring to your project.

Please check the table below for detailed options of our custom clothing hand tags.

We have been supplying custom clothing hang tags for over a decade, and we have made thousands of different hand tags for garments, shoes, bags, toys and more, to our customers from all over the world, so if you have any confusion about the custom hand tags you are about to make, just feel free to contact us via, we will bring your design to life.


Here are some samples of our custom hand tags