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Custom roll-up banners, pull-up banners or roller banners are the same item, they are all same kind of retractable banners, just called differently by different online stores and different countries. They work like a window blind – simply slide up the custom graphic over a pole and secure it, the set up can be done in a matter of seconds, with no tools required. The banner is self-contained within the base when not displayed to protect the banner and personalized graphics from becoming damaged in storage or while transporting the display from event to event. And there are some other banner stands can do a similar job but they are in totally different structures, such as X-banners and L-banners which we can also offer.standard-roll-up-banner

Roll-up banners and X-banners are the most popular advertising display solutions for trade shows, retail storefronts, marketing activations or corporate conferences, because they are eye-catching,  lightweight, portable and relatively inexpensive.


The material of roll-up banner stand and X-banner stands are Aluminum alloy or fiberglass or even Bamboo. We can offer three kinds of stands for both roll-up banners and X-banners/L-banners, they are Economy, Standard and Luxury, so you can choose based on the usage and your budget, water base for X-banners is available for outdoor showcase. Black or white finish of the aluminum stands are also available to suit any decorative color scheme and keep the focus on logos and messaging.all kinds of roll up banner stands

Here are the standard sizes for our Roll-up banners and X-banners, custom sizes are available for big quantity orders.

Standard Sizes (Width x Height) Custom sizes
Roll-Up Banner 80/85/100/120/150 x 200 CM Custom sizes are available for bulk order
31.5"/33.5"/39.4"/47.2"/59" x 78.7"
X-Banner 60 x 160 CM; 80 x 180 CM
23.6" x 63"; 31.5" x 71"
Above sizes are for printed banners only, the heights of different bases are slight different.


doubel-sided-roll-up-banner-standsBeside standard one-sided roll-up banners and X-banners, we can also offer double sided roll-up banners and X-banners which come with different banner stands, the double-sided roll-up stand has one pole onto which two banners can be hung. The double-sided roll-up banners and X-banners are ideal for promotion in shops, at events and fairs, where the roll ups are standing in a large open space. Some economy models include pre-installed graphics that retract into the base, while more upscale models can be updated with new replacement cartridges for designated events.

The most popular banner material for roll-up and X-banner is Vinyl banner, with full-color digital printed custom images on it, the surface finish can be matte or glossy. We are also offering banners in other materials, they can be Satin like Polyester fabric, PP (polypropylene) film, canvas and so forth.


A complete unit of retractable banner includes one custom printed banner pre-assembled in the cartridge (no cartridge for X-banners and L-banners), one set of cartridge and pole and one oxford carrying bag for added convenience and a professionalism. One carton for international shipping.

* Store retractable roll-up banner stands in a cool dry place when not in use.

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