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There’s a large variety of garment labels and tags in the market, except our main types of label product: fabric woven labels, fabric printing labels and printed hand tags, there are many other types of labels and tags we can also offer, including embroidered patches and badges, rubber labels, patches and badges, leather (genuine or synthetic leather) labels, patches and hang tags, metal patches and hang tags. These embroidered patches, leather labels, rubber or plastic patches and tags are commonly used on jackets, jeans, bags and even shoes, they are great for durability, and are unique.

Our embroidered patches are created with an amazing amount of detail work. The backing of embroidered patches can be Iron-on, Sew-on or self-adhesive.


Genuine leather labels have a rich color that tends to vary due to the nature of the material.  This makes each leather label unique. Synthetic leather labels are more consistent in color and still feel similar to genuine leather. They are more cost effective than genuine leather labels.


Rubber labels are great for outdoor garment, like sportswear or adventure clothing because they are resistant to the weather. A sewing channel can be added on the labels to make attaching them to your product as easy as possible.


Please feel free to contact us via sales@pavone.com.cn for leather patches and hand tags, rubber patches and  embroidered patches.